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Brand: Veuve Clicquot Model: WCG001
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut is non-vintage champagne that is popular for its silky texture and fruity aroma. This champagne is paired up with the nuts and caramel flavoured delicious Godiva chocolates in this gift basket. The crunchiness and the creamy fillings of these assorted chocolates, com..
Brand: Billecart-Salmon Model: WCG003
Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve is non-vintage, bubbly champagne that contains a high percentage of reserve wines. This champagne is paired up with a pack of well-known Belgian chocolates. The fruity texture of the dry champagne, combined with assorted Godiva chocolates, makes this gift basket fit for..
Brand: Caymus Model: WCG015
Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon is dry champagne that gives a taste of oak, cassis, and dark berries. This red wine is combined with assorted gourmet snacks that include high-quality cheddar, sausages, and other products. If you plan to organize a party at home, this would be a perfect basket that will ma..
Brand: Customized Wine Model: WCG023
Here is the finest collection of wine bottles paired up with delicious Godiva chocolates, forming a gift basket that is loved by all. The wine bottles added to this basket include Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon, Silver Oak, and Meiomi Pinot Noir, which are paired up with flavourful nut and caramel flavou..
Brand: Dom Perignon Model: WCG004
Dom Pérignon is vintage champagne with fewer calories and no added sugar. To form an elegant gift basket, we have paired up this oily textured champagne with the crispy, cream-filled Godiva chocolates. Delight your guests with the exclusive Dom Perignon gift basket, and make the celebration memorabl..
Brand: Dom Perignon Model: WCG024
This gift basket is a crazy combination of Vintage Champagne and the nuts & raisin flavoured Godiva chocolate gift box. Named after a Benedictine monk, Dom Perignon is dry champagne that gives you a combined taste of honey, citrus, biscuits, and smoke. Its pairing with an eight-piece chocolate b..
Brand: Dom Perignon Model: WCG026
Wondering how to impress a champagne lover? Here is a trick! Dom Perignon is vintage champagne produced by the house of Moet and Chandon. Along with the aromas of smoky soil leaf, floral cherry, peel mist, and red berry, and the taste of rich strawberry mousse, this forms a perfect gift for all Cham..
Brand: Dom Perignon Model: WCG005
Our Dom Perignon gift basket is a beautiful combination of French-based vintage champagne and yummy, multi-flavoured Godiva chocolates. The aroma of floral cherry and smoky soil leaf of Dom Perignon Rose, with the presence of white chocolates and Belgian truffle in the Godiva gift pack, make this ba..
Brand: Dom Perignon Model: WCG025
This gift basket is a combination of a historical-shaped bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne with a Godiva Chocolates Gift Pack. While Dom Perignon has a smooth-oily texture with a fruity shine which is enough to impress any champagne lover, Godiva Chocolates are known for their crispy and smooth taste..
Brand: Dom Perignon Model: WCG027
“Drinking Dom is all about emotion, memory and being in the moment” – Richard GeoffroyProduced by the house of Moet and Chandon, Dom Perignon is vintage champagne that is popular among the people for its dry taste. Expect the aroma of almond and powdered cocoa if you plan to buy this champagne. If y..
Brand: Dom Perignon Model: WCG013
Let us introduce you to our Dom Perignon gift basket that will help you narrow down your gift choices. Dom Perignon is yellow-coloured, vintage champagne that comes in a traditionally-shaped bottle with an antique label. Godiva chocolates are velvety, smooth textured, high-selling chocolates prepare..
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Why should you choose to buy a liquor gift basket for a woman?

Women love gifts, and the uniqueness of these gifts can help in creating everlasting impressions on them. There are different women playing different roles in various stages of our lives, be it our mother, grandmother, sister, friend, girlfriend, or wife. If you want to surprise them and appreciate their roles in your life, do not just wait for special days, and rather keep planning things for them whenever you can. To make your work easy, we are here to help you look for some exquisite liquor gift baskets that can be bought for all the women you know. 

All you need to know about our liquor gift baskets!

Our liquor gift baskets are a package containing liquor bottles paired up with gourmet snacks. The liquors that we sell belong to the brands like Billecart-Salmon, Duckhorn, Dom Perignon, and Meiomi. Our gourmet snacks include Godiva chocolates, olives, sausages, cheese, and other good-quality, yummy snacks. You can buy our customized gift baskets directly or get a gift basket prepared for you by pairing up the products of your choice. To make these gift baskets fit for various occasions and different relationships, we have added mini gift items like a Godiva teddy, fresh roses with a flower vase, and a wooden pick with ‘I love you’ written on it, which will make the process of choosing the gift easy for you. 

Your chosen gift baskets are just a click away!

The timely delivery of these gift baskets to your home or your person’s place is not an issue anymore with our hassle-free delivery services. All you have to do is to choose the gift, add the delivery address, and wait for it to reach your desired place at desired time.You can also give a personal touch to these gift baskets by writing down your thoughts and getting them added on a message card along with the gift. We assure you to pack these products in beautiful gift boxes decorated with bows and ribbons. 

We hope to get your orders super soon!