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Silver Oak

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Silver Oak Wines: The Finest Cabernet Sauvignon Wines From California.

Ray Duncan and Justin Meyer established Silver Oak Cellars in 1972. Today, Ray's sons, David and Tim, own and operate the Silver Oak vineyard, which has "attained cult status" for its Cabernet Sauvignon extraction and holds an "important niche in California's wine industry." In addition to its Oakville winery in Napa Valley, Silver Oak also operates a Healdsburg winery in Alexander Valley. Each of Silver Oak vineyards is managed with such care and precision that its wineries are the "greenest wineries in the world." Surprisingly, Silver Oak is also the only winery with its own oak cooperage.

So that you may taste the zenith of winemaking, we have just slabbed in Silver Oak Cabernet wines that are ideal for making each of your gift-giving endeavors stand out in a fantastic way. Do not miss out on our best-selling Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet, which is integrated and makes a remarkable pour.  

Silver Oak Wine Gift Baskets and Sets Add to the Holiday Spirit.

Try some Silver Oak Cabernet wines and take things to the next level. All of your hosting, gift-giving, and wine-tasting needs may be met with our selection of Silver Oak Wine Gift Baskets And Sets. These scrumptious sets are perfect for savoring wines and come with an assortment of gourmet treats like cheese, sausages, olives, pretzels, spreads, chocolates, and more. Whether you are wishing to send a New Year Gift or a christmas basket, an assortment brimmed with Silver Oak Wine and treats will make the perfect pick. Send a friend a delightful wine and snack-filled New Year's Silver Oak gift basket. On your parents' wedding anniversary, you may surprise them with a bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet and a box of Godiva chocolates with eight individual servings. Silver Oak wine gifts are a simple way to brighten any occasion and wow even the most challenging recipients. For more gift basket don't forget to explore our wine gift baskets, perfect for gifting or treating yourself to a truly memorable experience.

Silver Oak Wine Gift Basket Delivery Services Across United States!

The Silver Oak gift basket variety is vast, and you can place orders from practically anywhere. We offer the option of matching any Silver Oak wine with a gift basket or box of your choosing to add a special touch to any gift-giving or gift-receiving occasion. Put your trust in us to send your most treasured Silver Oak wine gifts right to the doorsteps of your loved ones in the USA. We have you covered with our around-the-clock Silver Oak wine gift basket delivery services, whether the receiver is in Austin, New York City, Dallas, Nashville, Los Angeles, California, or DC.

Please call us at +1.202-459-8489 or write to us at if you have any queries about sending a Silver Oak wine gift set or availing Silver Oak wine delivery services.