With February ushering in Valentine's Day, an opportunity to rekindle the romance beckons you and your partner, whether you’re courting a long-time crush, navigating the heart-racing dating phase, or reveling in the bliss of long commitments. And in that love-struck moment, if you are planning to toast your intimate bond with a good wine for Valentine’s Day, then you have got a knack for celebrating—much more traditional and fanciful than cliche roses and personalized favors that define Valentine trends each year.

With endless options bubbling forth from the wine world, selecting the best wine for Valentine's Day can be tricky. Relax; we’ve got you covered with the options of best wines for Valentine’s Day 2024. From bold reds to crisp whites, lively rosés, and effervescent sparklings, each bottle is head-to-toe flirtatious, uniquely meeting sweet spots for taste, style, food pairing, price and setting— be it a sunlit brunch , seductive candlelit dinner, cozy movie marathon, or fireside relaxed sipping.

So scroll through and uncork the one that will wash down the romance on the special day to rush your shared tapestry with swoon-worthy memories. The best part? These cupid-approved wines for Valentine’s Day are versatile enough for platonic celebrations too with family, friends, or spoiling yourself in singlehood, best keeping Sex and the City episodes ready for solo binge-watching.

Suggestions Aside, Do You Know How To Choose The Best Wine For Valentine’s Day?

Every sip of wine on Valentine's Day should be a celebration of love, and choosing the best Valentine wine involves more than just random selection.

Here are some key considerations to ensure you pick the best wine for Valentine's Day:

  • Consider Personal Preferences: Selecting the best Valentine wine is all about aligning shared taste preferences. This careful selection enriches the quality of time spent together, fostering an atmosphere of passion and serenity. Explore this guide for inspiration:
    Wine Type Suited Taste Preferences
    Red wine Bold, Complex, High Tannins, Dark Fruit Flavors
    White Wine Crisp, Fruity, Floral, Refreshing
    Rosé Wine Light, Fruity, Red Fruit Flavors, Floral Notes
    Sparkling Wine (Champagne, Prosecco) Crisp With Bubbles, Acidic, Light
    Vintage Wine Exceptional, Unique Character from Specific Year
    Non-Vintage Wine Consistent Blend, Well-Balanced
    Sweet Wine ( Demi Sec Champagne, Late-Harvest Zinfandel and Riesling) Penchant For Sweetness in Beverages
    Dry Wine ( Brut Champagne, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon) Penchant For Low Sugar in Beverages
  • Keep The Menu in Mind: In case you already have a wine and dine scene planned, make sure your chosen Valentine's wine goes well with the menu. It is utterly crucial, as a rule of ketchup making a good partner for fries and not ice cream. Explore this guide for the perfect wine and food pairing:
    Wine Type Suited Meals
    Red wine Hearty Meats
    White Wine Lighter Poultry, Seafood
    Rosé Wine Grilled Vegetables, Salads, Fruit Desserts
    Sparkling Wine Appetizers, Seafood, Creamy Dishes
  • Think About The Setting: The ambiance influences the enjoyment of sipping. For example, relishing hot chocolate in summer lacks the warmth of a chilly day. Beyond taste and menu, ensure the setting complements, immersing you in an atmosphere where everything revolves around your experience. Explore this guide:
    Wine Type Suited Settings
    Red wine Cozy and Intimate, Romantic Dinners
    White Wine Casual and Refreshing, Ideal for Relaxed Evenings
    Rosé Wine Light and Carefree, Great for Romantic Outdoor Celebrations
    Sparkling Wine Elegnace and Festivity, Perfect for Toasts and Glamour
  • Do a Budget Check: From the budget set aside for celebrating Valentine's Day, ensure the chosen wine style gets its deserving share of dollars. From decorations to food, ambience and more, wine should be substantial enough to support overall expenses. Splurge if you can or choose an affordable one, as no wine snob has ever proclaimed that good wines must be expensive.
  • Check Reviews and Ratings: Before finalizing a wine for Valentine’s Day, consider checking reviews and ad ratings. This can provide insights into the overall quality and experience others have had with the selected wine, helping you make a well-informed decision.

Red Wines For Valentine’s Day

If you want your deep sentiments and passion to speak volumes, then nail a red wine for Valentine's Day. With its deep red hues, warmth, robust flavors, and unapologetic complex profile, it will nestle you and your special someone in a seductive mood that knows no end. Beyond the cloud nine feeling of sipping in ecstasy, you will get to drive down to romantic feasting scenes, from decadent chocolates to grilled steak, best enjoyed in intimate settings like a candlelit table or by a fireplace, amidst the February embrace of winter reminisce.

Rombauer Zinfandel

A full-bodied Californian zinfandel red that will put you and your special someone in a trance with its velvety soft, juicy, fruit-forward palate. Each moment spent with it will flood your quality time with bursts of red fruits like berries, cherries, and plums, with zesty touches of citrus, spice, and vanilla.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want bold, fruity red Valentine wine

Food Pairing Guide: Flavorful and Spicy Cuisines Like Grilled Meats, Barbecued Dishes and Hearty Stews

Price Range: $30 - $40

Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz

Famed as “Baby Grange,” this Aussie dynamo from Penfolds is a killer red blend harmonizing Cabernet Suvignon’s robust intensity and Shiraz’s luscious richness. Sharing it together, each sip will leave you smitten, with firm tannins and complex dominant flavors of dark fruits, chocolate, and spice waltzing on the palates.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a earthy and spicy red wine for Valentine’s Day

Food Pairing Guide: Hearty Dishes like Grilled Meats, Lamb and Well-Seasoned Steak

Price Range: $50 - $80

Golden West Pinot Noir

Just as a relationship is tested with thick and thin, this red Valentine wine crafted from the stubborn Pinot Noir grape varietal also pays off the commitment with its elegant profile. It is 100% Washington and is spellbindingly delicate, with silky textures that glide across the palate in tandem with balanced acidity, a low body, and soft floral and red fruit notes.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a light and floral red wine

Food Pairing Guide: Savory Dishes like Roasted Poultry, Grilled Salmon and Mushroom Risotto

Price Range: $20 - $30

Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon rockstar from Sonoma County, this red wine is as bold, regal, and premium as it looks. With a single swirl, it will stir the romantic air by opening robust aromas, mirroring their exact allure on the palate with a riff of ripe fruit flavors, well-structured tannins, and oak influences like vanilla, spice, and cedar.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a bold and tannic red Valentine wine

Food Pairing Guide: Hearty Dishes like Grilled Ribeye, Lamb Chops and Wild Mushroom Pasta

Price Range: $80 - $120

White Wines For Valentine’s Day

Poles opposite broad-shouldered red wines; whites symbolize purity and new beginnings—ideal for a serene Valentine’s Day. Their straw yellow to golden hues radiate each glass with gentleness, clear-cut in their mild tannin count, low body, clean, crisp taste, and intensely refreshing acidity, making them versatile to pair with romantic lighter fare like seafood and salads. Best sipped in warm seasons, these white wines will envelop you lovey-doveys in the warm embrace of approaching spring, best in a sunlit setting like a picnic, rooftop, beachside, or garden.

Zenato Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie Italian Wine

Here’s an Italian maestro from the Veneto region of Italy, orchestrating the symphony of quality Pinot Grigio grapes in each drop. This white wine, to put it in a few words, is zesty and easy-drinking, exuding a lively and bright personality with its sharp acidity, crispiness, zingy flavors of citrus, green apple, and subtle floral notes.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a refreshing and citrus white Valentine wine

Food Pairing Guide: Pairs best with Seafood, Salads and Light Pasta Dishes

Price Range: $15 - $30

Catena Chardonnay 2022

Chardonnays are the face of white wines with their star-struck versatility, and we can't make you miss one as an option for the special day. This chardonnay wine from Catens is a vintage Argentina charmer, famed globally for its remarkable creamy texture, minerality, and freshness driven by tropical fruits and citrus flavors that get a mysterious, complex punch from the nuances of oak.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a balanced and fruit-forward white Valentine wine

Food Pairing Guide: Pairs best with Grilled Chicken, Creamy Pasta Dishes and Seafood

Price Range: $15 - $30

Forge Cellars Classique Dry Riesling 2021

In Finger Lakes, NY, where the lakes flow like fingers, Forge Cellars winery holds the palm for this Riesling, rushing down each glass as a testament to the geographically exceptional terroir. This white gem sets emphasis on dryness yet is teasingly vibrant with pronounced acidity, a mineral-driven core, and zesty notes of green apple and lime.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want an acidic and fruit-driven white Valentine wine

Food Pairing Guide: Pairs best with Shellfish, Thai Cuisine and Fresh Salads

Price Range: $15 - $30

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Hailing from picturesque New Zealand, this Sauvignon Blanc white is as serene as its label, basked fully in diverse, richly soiled, maritime, mountainous terroir. All these nature-driven forces make this wine a standout choice that shoots back on opening, wooing the nose with intense aromas and a vibrant and zesty palate.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want an aromatic and bright acidic white Valentine wine

Food Pairing Guide: Pairs best with goat cheese, salads, asparagus, and lighter fare with herbal or citrus-based sauces.

Price Range: $30 - $50

Rosé Wines For Valentine’s Day

Looking for a Valentine's Day wine that’s both bold as red and crisp as white? Look no further than one of these delightful still and sparkling rosés, positioned at the sweet spot where the refreshing acidity and lightness of whites gracefully intersect with the fruity notes and floral nuances of reds. Apart from interlacing you and your sweetheart, a rosé will also elevate the romantic aesthetic of your chosen setting with its petal-soft pink hues and willingness to pair any meal with its medium body, softer tannins, and a dot-like touch of sweetness.

Ruinart Rosé Champagne

Planning to paint the canvas of your romance with a palette of pink? Grab this sophisticated flirt from Ruinart. Like your love, set free this bubble-rich sparkling rosé that is holding hostage the cheers of rose petals, red fruit like strawberry and raspberry, and whispers of creaminess and brioche, making it an ultimate champagne rendezvous.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a rosé with balance of fruit and refinement

Food Pairing Guide: Savor this Valentine wine with Smoked Salmon, Seafood Appetizers and Light Desserts

Price Range: $80 - $150

Whispering Angel Rosé

Downright dazzling with its bottled-up celestial confidence, this still Provence rosé shines soothingly through its petal-soft pink pastel hues and crisp, refreshing, and feather-light personality. Bet not, you and your better half will be left breathless with love, enjoying each second in floral aromas and flavorful confessions of red fruits and citrus.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a delicate and easygoing pink Valentine wine

Food Pairing Guide: Savor with Light Salads, Grilled Vegetables and Fresh Seafood

Price Range: $15 - $30

Dom perignon Lady Gaga Rosé Limited Edition Champagne

Introducing the ultimate Dom Perignon Lady Gaga Vintage Rosé—a fusion of two baller creative forces against a magnetic backdrop. Renowned for its richness and depth, veiled in a complex bouquet and palate, shop this bottle with us if you want to cheer this February 14th with a rosé that is either exclusive, bucket list-worthy, or upscale with the Dom Perignon Price in the market.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a luxurious statement rosé Valentine wine

Food Pairing Guide: Savor with Lobster and Truffle-Infused Dishes

Price Range: $400 - $600

Billecart Salmon Brut Rosé

No union has been more esteemed than the Billecart and Salmon families coming together for an unparalleled legacy of champagne-making. So give your union a symbolized, deserving toast with this sparkling rosé, which we vote out as a harmonious cupid, balancing freshness and complexity with floral notes and subtle nuances.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a fine, complex and celebratory rosé

Food Pairing Guide: Savor this Valentine wine with Grilled Shrimp, Creamy Cheeses and Roasted Poultry

Price Range: $100 - $150

Sparkling Wines For Valentine’s Day

Though the enchanting charm of still wines can’t be denied, they miss the lively effervescence that makes sparkling wines ultra glamorous and celebratory. Choose a bottle of sparkling wine for Valentine’s Day if you aim to infuse an exciting festive spirit, submerging the day in the froth of love and scrubbing off all the distance between you.

In the options of sparkling wines for Valentine’s Day, seek out these Champagnes renowned for their persistent perlage, sheer complexity, and impeccable balance. On the other hand, there are also lighter, more approachable Processos defining Italian craftsmanship with a fruity, floral twist.

Moet & Chandon Brut Champagne

The talk of sparklings and overlooking Moet & Chandon is akin to missing stars in the sky, as this brand is the most popular, with millions of bottles popped each year. So, grab this Moet brut bubbly, the most aristocratic with its classic heir bouquet crowned in delicate aromas and vibrant flavors. Best part? You'll receive the best Moet Chandon price from us.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a well-balanced sparkling wine for Feb 14th with a touch of class

Food Pairing Guide: Versatile with Sushi, Oysters and Poultry Dishes

Price Range: $60 - $80

La Marca Prosecco

Embrace the effervescent charmer, La Marca Prosecco, which is best defined as charming and rejuvenating with its crispness, fruity notes, and elegant bubbly perfection. Upon popping, it will sweep off your feet, clouding aromas of blossoms and gushing flavors of green apple, pear, and a hint of citrus.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a vibrant and easy-drinking sparkling Valentine wine

Food Pairing Guide: Versatile with Salads, Cheese, Poultry, Seafood and Pasta with Cheese-Based Sauce

Price Range: $10 - $50

Veuve Clicquot Demi Sec Champagne

A sugarcoating episode that brings a sweet climax to your sweet tooth is not at all mischievous. So, if you and your boo share a penchant for sweet wines, then nail this high-dosage demi-sec champagne by Veuve Clicquot, which is evidently sugar-laden, shying away the crisp acidity while unleashing a whole carnival of luscious aromas and honeyed flavors.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a sugar-laden sparkling Valentine wine

Food Pairing Guide: Versatile with Fruit Tarts, Creamy Desserts and Spicy Dishes

Price Range: $80 - $120

Maschio Prosecco Brut DOC NU

Last but not least, indulge in the dry and crisp Maschio Prosecco Brut NOC DU. Its fruity flavors of green apple, pear, and citrus weave a clean and refreshing palate, creating an inviting bouquet that will undoubtedly uplift your passionate mood. It’s not just a drink, but a passport to the most memorable Valentine’s Day together.

Suited Taste Preferences: Ideal if you want a dry and vibrant sparkling Valentine wine

Food Pairing Guide: Versatile with Fish, Fresh Fruit and Pastries

Price Range: $15 - $30

How To Serve Chosen Valentine's Wine:

  • Storage: You’ll likely receive your Valentine’s wine ahead of the celebration, so ensure its optimal condition until the uncorking moment. Store your wine in a cool, dark place, shielded from sunlight and temperature fluctuations.
  • Chilling: Serving wine at the right temperature enhances its flavors, especially for white wines and sparkling varieties. To chill, place the bottle in the refrigerator for a few hours. If time is short, an ice bucket filled with a mix of ice and water will suffice. Avoid over-chilling to prevent alterations in taste.
  • Glassware: Beyond adding a touch of chic to the serving experience, glassware significantly influences the drinking experience. Choose glasses that allow the wine for Valentine’s Day to breathe and showcase its characteristics. Opt for larger, rounder glasses for red, slimmer glasses for white, and tall, narrow flutes for sparkling wine. Explore our Sparklings & Futes set for an enhanced experience.
  • Opening & Decanting: Handle the bottle with care, using a quality corkscrew to prevent breakage. For sparkling wine, gently uncage and twist the bottle to pop gently. Apply a 30-40 minutes decanting rule for red wine, as it benefits from exposure to air.
  • Setting the table: While the wine takes center stage, create a more romantic ambience by setting a creatively adorned table. Use elegant tableware, strategically position your chosen glassware, add scented candles, fine linens and soft lighting. For a touch of whimsy, explore our selection of custom-printed wine bottles and hand-painted wine bottles to infuse a personalized flair into the setting.
  • Pairing with food: Explore thoughtful wine and food pairings, with lighter wines complementing appetizers and seafood, heartier reds pairing well with rich meats and sparklings proving versatile for various dishes.
  • To save both time and effort while cherishing the moment, choose to buy a Valentine wine gift basket from our collection of wine assortments crafted magnificently with a scrumptious twist, featuring a variety of best wines for Valentine’s Day with delectable sweet and savory treats, from chocolates to pastries, waffles, cheese, sausages, dips and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Valentine's Day Wine:

  1. Is a bottle of wine a romantic gift?

    Yes, a wine bottle can be a romantic gift, offering a sophisticated and thoughtful gesture for special occasions.

  2. What wine is good for Valentine's Day?

    A good wine for Valentine’s Day would be a sparkling wine like Champagne or a romantic red wine, such as a smooth Pinot Noir.

  3. What type of wine is most romantic?

    The most romantic types of wine often include red varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, known for their rich flavors and velvety textures.

  4. What is the best red for Valentine's Day?

    The best red wine for Valentine’s Day can be a well-balanced and elegant Pinot Noir or a bold and flavorful Cabernet Sauvignon, depending on personal preferences.

  5. Why French wine is the most romantic Valentine's gift. The reason?

    French wine is considered the most romantic Valentine’s gift idea for wine lovers due to its association with romance, cultural allure, and the world-renowned wine regions of France.

  6. Is wine a good Valentine's Day gift?

    Wine can be an excellent Valentine’s gift idea, offering a touch of sophistication and enhancing the romantic atmosphere of the occasion.

  7. What is the best wine for a Valentine's gift?

    For a romantic Valentine's gift, consider a velvety red wine like a Merlot or a sparkling wine such as Champagne to add a touch of celebration to the occasion. Pair it with decadent chocolates or gourmet treats for a scrumptious gift basket experience.

  8. What is the Valentine's wine gift idea for her?

    Whether you are asking for a Valentine's wine gift idea for your girlfriend or a Valentine's gift idea for wife, we will recommend an elegant bottle of sparkling rosé or a curated wine and chocolates gift basket.

  9. What is the Valentine's wine gift idea for him?

    Whether you are seeking the best Valentines gift idea for husband or Valentines wine gift idea for boyfriend, opt for a sophisticated bottle of his favorite wine accompanied by gourmet snacks.

  10. Which wine is best for a romantic night?

    The best wine for a romantic night would be a velvety Merlot, a passionate Cabernet Sauvignon, or a sparkling rosé .