Wines are something that everybody likes to have and the gift baskets containing branded wine bottles can be used for formal as well as informal gifting purposes. Whether you have been invited by your boss for a dinner, by your spouse for a date, or by your friend for a night-over, all that you need is a bottle of classy wine complemented with some fresh flowers or gourmet delights. Additionally, if you are unsure of the pairings along with the bottle, the wine itself acts as a wonderful gift for your near and dear ones. Here is all that you need to know before making a correct choice while purchasing a wine.  

1. White Wine Basket

Josh White Wine Gift Set

If you are in search of a wine that is more or less aromatic and tangy, white wine is the one for you. It is prepared from a white grape variety that becomes yellow or green on ripening. The wine on preparation gives you fresh flavours of white fruit nuances. Make sure you consume it within one to three days of opening the bottle because it will start losing its key flavour components after that. You can choose among the two best seller white-wine baskets to buy for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones.

2. Red Wine Basket

Caymus Wine Gift

Red wines are prepared by fermenting purple-coloured grapes with skin, which helps in providing colour to the wine. Its production and fermentation process makes it the healthiest alcohol among the rest. Gifting a red wine also gives you an option to choose among the sweet and the sour wines that come under its category. These are generally consumed with lemonade, cola, or chopped fruits. Remember that a red wine loses its colour as it ages, and therefore, make sure you buy accordingly. Some of our highly recommended red-wine gifts are:

3. Sparking Wine Basket

Moet And Chandon Ice Imperial With Godiva Gift Basket

Sparkling wines are made to add a little magic and lots of sparkle to your special occasions. These are prepared from white or red wines and their style ranges from dry to sweet to bubbly. The dry wine pairs the best with chips, sushi, and fish, while the sweet ones go perfectly with fruits and cakes. Raise a toast with a glass of sparkling wine and increase the joy while making the event memorable. Some of our best-selling sparkling wine gift baskets include:

4. Rose Wine Basket

Dom Perignon Rose Champagne With Godiva Basket

Rose Wines are prepared from red grapes with minimum contact between the juice and the skin, giving it a pink colour. It has a sweet, light, and fruity taste and a lot of antioxidant properties. A bottle of rose wine forms a wonderful gift, adding sweetness to your special occasions. It is advised to consume a Rose wine within two to three years of its release. You can serve it with spicy Mediterranean food, turkey, eggs, and tuna. Make sure the wine is chilled when you serve it, for it tastes the best like that. Here are some Rose wine gift suggestions for you.

We hope we were able to provide you with enough information about different kinds of wine and were able to make it easy for you to choose among the ones available in the market. Make your interactions special with people by choosing one of these and gifting it to them. Check out our products under the gift baskets section if you wish to customize your wine basket with gourmet delights. We are excited to serve you with the best that we have!