Pick Dom Perignon champagnes, corked with succulence and delicacy, to round off your gift-giving duties with confidence. Whether it's a wedding invitation, a birthday bash, or a corporate milestone, a bottle of Dom Perignon is the appropriate gesture of appreciation for even the nearest and dearest family members, friends, and coworkers.

These cuvées are more than simply a proud handover; they are ideal for sophisticated hosting abilities and pouring a dazzling gush for personal use too.

What Is Unique About Dom Perignon From Other Champagne Houses?

  • In the 1940s, with an eye on carving out a foothold in the winemaking industry, Moet & Chandon made a strategic move by establishing Dom Pérignon as a separate champagne house. Every bottle of Dom Perignon is a prestige cuvée (alsoTêtes de Cuvée), splendid champagne crafted from the best vineyards of the Champagne region, Northern France.
  • Every sip of Dom Perignon Champagne is a deliverance of subtle, fascinating, and dazzling palate pleasures spilled from years of maturation in French oak cellars, at least 7 years.
  • This house is named after Dom Pierre Perignon, a 17th-century Benedictine monk who revolutionized how champagne was made. He undertook this by using limited yields, harvesting grapes in cold weather, curbing unwanted re-fermentation, discarding poor quality grapes, and blending the grapes before pressing.
  • Every Dom Perignon Champagne you choose will be a vintage, which means it was made from grapes from a single quality year's crop. Vintage Champagnes are typically fuller, deeper Champagnes with a sense of exclusivity, as they are only produced three or four times a decade.
  • Dom Perignon always uses Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes to craft their cuvées. The mix of these grape varietals may change, but it is normally between 50/50 and 60/40, depending on the season's flavor characteristics.
  • Today, Dom Perignon is the champagne of choice for the elite, and it has had a profound impact on the work of numerous artists, including Lenny Kravitz, Lady Gaga, Drake, Nas, Little Shawn, and others. Even Princess Diana and Prince Charles toasted their marriage with a vintage Dom Pérignon 1961.

So get ahead of your gift-giving tasks with Dom Perignon Gifts that are full of charm. Explore our unique selection of Dom Perignon Gift Sets and Baskets, and each one curated to make your events unforgettable. Gift baskets are a great way to show that you care about the receiver without breaking the bank. Not to mention, their aesthetic value, personalized sense, and uniqueness are off the charts.

Top-Selling Dom Perignon Gifts:


This black matte gift basket, topped with silky chocolate packings, pairs a hefty Dom Pérignon vintage Brut champagne (750ml) bundled with fine acidity and luscious buttery and brioche notes. Taste-wise, the fruit is magnificent: ripe, fleshy and profound. With a mild dosage, this powerful Brut manages to remain amazingly under control, all the while exuding a seductive quality.

Unwrapping this hamper reveals a variety of Godiva cocoa treats in flavors such as hazelnut, caramel, almonds, and more. In either the company of cuvée or on their own, they encase the tongue in melts of pure deliciousness.

Dom Perignon Gift Basket


A great choice for someone who likes sweets. Dom Pérignon Brut Rosé Champagne (750ml) and an abundance of gourmet treats like Cracked Peppercorn Crackers, Smoked Gouda cheese spread, truffles, olives, caramel fillings, Montreux Napoleon biscuits, and more fill this lavish overflowing brown-hued gift basket.

The cuvée has a striking structure and is interwoven with a paradox of boldness and harmony. Aromatically, it's clouded with tropical notes, and on the palate, it's bracing and vinous, with a long finish that stands out.

Dom Perignon Rose Gift Basket


A further libation in honor of creativity! This is among our 3 Dom Perignon gifts that feature a combined artistic endeavor. Lenny Kravitz, Dom Perignon's new Creative Director and Photographer, has given the brand a facelift by incorporating hammered metal labels. This vintage Dom Perignon box is part of the Armored Vintage Collection with metal labels of patinas and an unchangeable vibe.

The vintage has a captivating, full, and nuanced flavor profile. The initial impression is rich and fruity. In general, it's very smokey. Silky at first bite, the grainy, tight texture and faint vegetable undertones grow on you. This champagne is very drinkable due to its pleasant saline role and brininess.

Dom Perignon Rose Lenny Kravitz Limited Edition with Gift Box


This beautiful blue-themed Dom Perignon gift basket is in a strong bag hooked with leather holds. Delectable nibbles and a bottle of the magnificent Lady Gaga Limited Edition Brut champagne (750ml) make a wonderful pair. This is the choice if the recipient enjoys munching and keeps a well-stocked pantry. Packages of English Tea, Fruit & Nut Bites, Smoked Gouda Cheese Spread, Chocolate Brownie, Pastry, Sesame Crackers, Olives, Cookies, and more present.

So far as this Dom Perignon cuvée is concerned, it is the culmination. It's an in-depth fusion of Dom Perignon's and Lady Gaga's talents. Fruits like green mango, melon, and pineapple shine brightly with a sugary sweetness in this brut version. With each sip, the cuvée's youthfulness is exposed, giving way to more subdued flavors of orange zest or the mist of mandarin orange.

Dom Perignon Lady Gaga Brut Gourmet Delight Gift Basket


This hamper comes in a snowy carrier with glittery pines as an added touch. Godiva packs of Milk Chocolate Caramels, Truffle, Graham, Pretzels, Lava Cake, Caramel Bar, and other chocolates promise a flood of cocoa rushes. Armed with a huge Godiva bow, the Dom Perignon Champagne Gift Basket never hesitates to drop dazzling hints.

Another toast to creative freedom is the Lady Gaga Limited Edition Brut Rosé champagne (750ml). This vintage is a joyful convergence that invites every recipient to an exuberant celebration. Dark, spicy notes and cocoa make up the opening, but they quickly give way to fruity undertones. Baked figs, apricots, and candied oranges take the cake as the most prominent fruit. The whole thing has a smoky undertone to it.

Dom Perignon Lady Gaga Rose Champagne Holiday Gift Basket


For a limited time only, you can get your hands on a bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage Luminous label (750 ml) that glows a neon green color in the dark. This vintage is ideal for becoming the center of attention at any party or celebration.

There's a beautiful synergy between the aroma and the flavor. The acidity is balanced, and the aftertaste is primarily aromatic, gray, and smoky. Spices make the bubbliness stronger and more noticeable while also making it thicker. White flowers, lemons, and plums make up the opening bouquet. Aniseed and crushed mint add a burst of brightness to the mix. The final aromas hint at toastiness, spice, and wood.

Dom Perignon Vintage luminous label


Nothing is more sure to win over the heart of a huge Dom Perignon fan than a massive Dom Perignon Gift Set. We have carefully compiled this set, checking the availability of each vintage, and have stored them away in a safe place, just for you. Each bottle is an odyssey to a distinct expression of the Dom Perignon champagne house.

In this set, you will spot:

  • Dom Pérignon Rosé-750ml
  • Dom Perignon Lady Gaga Rosé-750ml
  • Dom Perignon Champagne Brut (Lady Gaga Special Edition)-750ml
  • Dom Perignon Plenitude 2(P2) Vintage-750ml
  • Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne-750 ML
  • Dom Perignon Vintage luminous-750ml
  • Ultimate dom perignon gift set

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