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Ancient Peaks Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles With Signature Gift Basket

Just the right amount of elegance and thoughtfulness for gift-giving! Our Ancinet Peaks Cabernet Signature Gift Basket comes stacked in a sturdy beige basket with an overarching handle that makes it easy to carry. It serves a classic wine and food pairing that amalgamates the bold profile of the wine with just the right amount of cut-through! It is an ideal present for weddings, anniversaries, and housewarming gatherings.

The wine is at the heart of the basket, and it gives the recipient a sense of the sunny Paso Robles wine area, which is known for its heritage wines. This cabernet has dense aromas, while the notes are deep and juicy, with ripe flavours of plum, cassis, black cherry, and mocha. When paired with delights like dark chocolate, jalapeo cheese, crunchy crackers, smoked sausage, and more, the wine's high body, high tannic, and sharp character becomes engulfed in tenderness.

So sharpen your gift-giving skills and order this assortment immediately! We make it easy for you to deliver this delectable gift basket to your loved ones and business associates all over the United States. We can handle deliveries to any location, including California, Hawaii, and Kentucky.