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Moet & Chandon With Haldiram's Mazedaar Kissey Gift Pack

Moet & Chandon With Haldiram's Mazedaar Kissey Gift Pack
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Moet & Chandon With Haldiram's Mazedaar Kissey Gift Pack
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We'd like to introduce you to our newest champagne gift set, which has an Indian feel to it. Here, Indian snacks with warm, spicy, sweet, and smoky tastes are served with Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne. It's the perfect gift for someone who likes Indian food, snacks, or isn't shy to experiment with new wine and food pairings.

This gift set has been well received by our customers and is ideal for hosting and special events such as Birthday, Anniversary, and Housewarming. The Brut style of this Moet & Chandon bubbly will undoubtedly be enhanced when paired with bites of almond and pistachio cookies (Badam Pista Cookies), tangy mixture (Khatta Meetha), salted and spicy potato mixture (Bhujia), and Rasgulla, which is basically a spongy milk-based sweet.

This Delicious Gift Set Features:

  • Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut – 750 ml

  • Khatta Meetha

  • Bhujia

  • Badam Pista Cookies

  • Rasgulla

Our delivery services make it simple for you to send this gift set to a family member or business associate in the United States. We will send this hamper to its intended location in perfect condition, whether the recipient is in DC, California, or Virginia.

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