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Sean Minor

Sean Minor Wines: A One-Stop For Wine And Dining.

In 2005, Sean and Nicole Minor saw a clear need in the market for wines that were approachable, true to terroir, and affordable, so they started their own winery and gave the world Sean Minor Wines. Since then, Sean Minor has expanded his winemaking operation to the point where he now produces around 150,000 cases annually. Grapes for all of the wines are purchased under long-term contracts from some of the best vineyards and farms in California and Oregon. Sean's mission is to produce wines that are true to their provenance at the lowest possible price without sacrificing quality. Therefore, these wines are ideal choices if you want to buy high-quality wines without breaking the bank in order to host or give gifts for spectacular celebrations.

Sean Minor Wine Gift Sets Are Superb Inclusions To Any Occasion.

Consider all of the planned celebrations against the backdrop of legendary Sean Minor Wines. With several grape blends available, you can get Sean Minor Pinot Noir, Sean Minor Chardonnay, or Sean Minor Cabernet. We have an extensive range of carefully curated Sean Minor wine gift sets to complement our fashionable Sean Minors. You may rest assured that the recipients of these gifts will be impressed by the selection of luxury chocolates, nibbles, sausages, olives, cheese, and other items. These Sean Minor wine gift sets are wonderful New Year's Wine Gifts, gorgeous Christmas Wine Gifts, and assortments for all occasions. Thus, put your orders right away since you may do it from virtually anyplace.

With Ease, Order Sean Minor Wine Gift Delivery Services Across The USA.

We distribute Sean Minor wines nationwide, from Houston to DC to Los Angeles to Dallas to Nashville to Virginia. Are you looking to send a customized Sean Minor wine gift? Gift sets can be somewhat tricky to choose for, so let us help you pair your favourite bottle of Sean Minor wine with the perfect gift set. Our Sean Minor wine gift delivery services deliver orders safely and swiftly day or night. Please email us at if you have any questions about our accelerated Sean Minor wine delivery services.

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