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Louis Roederer Collection 242 Champagne And Godiva 26 PC Gift Set

Another effervescent combination with a cocoa kick! In this iconic gift set, you will spot Louis Roederer Collection 242 Champagne paired with Godiva’s classic 26 Pc gift box. This Brut represents a breakthrough in the Roederer style, having been made with the intention of elevating the standard of multi-vintage blends to new heights. That's why it's the most heartfelt and appreciative gift you could give to a loved one, a client, or a friend.


Each pour aims to bring people together and create a close-knit setting. The spring flower, hawthorn, and lemongrass fragrances float over the cuvee's straw gold color. On the palate, there is encyclopedic depth with tints of almond, sloe, apples, and courtesy of the modest percentage of oak-aged reserve wine. The vibrant acidity of this cuvee is further enhanced when savored with these Belgian milk, dark, and white chocolates. It also fits with Nature's new tempo of sustainable growing practices, making it the most cutting-edge and responsible champagne in our gift collection.

 This Gift Set Includes:

  • Louis Roederer Collection 242 Champagne-750ml

  • Godiva Chocolate Gift Box (26 pieces)

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